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Formed in 2007, the Color Industry are a noise-pop duo from upstate New York. Every instrument on the Color Industry’s debut LP, Quotidian, was self-recorded in various locations by core members Matt Chatham (vocals, drums, usually guitar) and Collin Anderson (keyboards, usually bass) over the course of four years. This is not their day job; they have no touring planned. Geographic separation mired the recording process–Collin went to school in Ohio—as did a theft of about half the equipment (and master tapes) in 2008. The result is an album that amalgamates a few different eras of perspectives and listening habits—angst to adulthood. Drawing from a variety of influences, the Color Industry make music that is both lo-fi and intricate, relying on and building their songs around spontaneous experimentation. There will be a limited printing of Quotidian, but the Color Industry have no intent to make money and hope to share their music by any means possible. We need all the help we can get!

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Oxytocin Clockmaker Thoughts
Elroy Kindling Tale
Screw Solenoid Dust
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